Brown Dog Welding is a one man welding and fabrication shop located just north of Detroit in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

The name for my business comes from combining two of my loves: welding and my dog Woodson! My wife Darla and I rescued him from a no kill shelter in December of 2002. He is a wonderful mutt, part boxer and part american staffordshire terrier. It saddens and angers me to see the insane number of “bully breed” dogs that are backyard bred, abused, fought, and neglected. You can walk into any animal shelter in America and find a swelling number of these misunderstood animals standing on death row. And now with the economic woes that are striking our country, especially in our great state of Michigan, pets of all shapes and sizes are being abandoned at an alarming rate. We, as humans, domesticated these creatures. We have a responsibility to care for and protect them.

At least 10% of Brown Dog Welding’s profits will be split between Home Fur-Ever (www.homefurever.com), where we found Woodson, and Lifebuilders, a non-profit organization in Detroit. If you are interested in making any additional donations please contact me, and I can direct you to the proper people!