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Our Favorite Links!

Small Dog -This is my blog. Lots of pics every now and then some tips and tricks. Check it out.
lifebuilders “Lifebuilders exists to provide love, acceptance, biblical teaching and encouragement to those ready and committed to personal growth. Lifebuilders further provides practical help and guidance to help individuals fulfill their God given purpose in life.”
badrap -This site has a has a ton of great bully breed info, and is very politically active in protecting “pit bulls.”
furever -This is a “foster based animal rescue group.”   This is where we adopted our boy Woodson. Adopt a rescued animal! – I use Miller welders on everything I do!   They have a great website, and the message board is worth checking out as well. – A Detroit-area car club, I frequently visit this message board.   I get a lot of good feedback on my projects from these guys!
jdcustoms – Look up JD for all of your printing needs! A great guy that does terrific work.