Taking It To a Higher Level

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Earlier this year I shared a post about the necessity for artists and tradespeople to step out of their comfort zone to grow their skills. One of the examples I gave was of a sculpture that marked a departure from my past pieces, my take on an iconic Detroit landmark.”  (Continue Reading)

Dodge Garage: Serendipity Part 1 (Mark Trostle Story)

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ICON. The lofty goal of any artist worth their salt is to create something iconic, whether they admit to it or not. We want to create an original form that represents something greater than itself that, with merely a glimpse, takes our mind to a certain space, quickens our pulse or stirs our soul. It’s … Read More

Dodge Garage: Behind The Torch Part 3

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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS.  Doors are presented to you throughout life; you can’t always choose when, how or why. You can only decide whether or not to open it and walk through. In Part 1 and Part 2 of my journey, I took you through how this little welding passion of mine has evolved into a business I’m passionate about. (Continue Reading)